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French noun: Unconscious.
The part of the mind which is inaccesible to the conscious mind
but which affects behaviour and emotions.

A Mediterranean LARP by NotOnlyLarp in an android Musketeers Park.

A Larp about humanity

What makes a mind conscious? Are humans permitted to do whatever they desire to androids? What makes a human a «human»?

L’Inconscience is a LARP inspired by the famous HBO TV series Westworld about the dawn of artificial consciousness and the moral implications of those innovations for all involved. It explores a world in which every human appetite, no matter how noble or depraved, can be indulged.

L’Inconscience is one of the multiple Aleph parks, in this case in a fantasy Musketeer setting.

This is the questionnaire for the waiting list for the larp and until the 23 June at 21 CEST you can ask for very reduced tickets: for Spanish larpers under 35 yo and larpers from any country and age that are unemployed or students.


This larp is an original creation inspired, among other things, by HBO’s Westworld TV show, but doesn’t use characters or follow the plot from the series.

Framed by a mixture of fantasy musketeers and corporate themes, L’Inconscience intends to address subjects such as ethical choices, the nature of humanity, the consequences of one’s actions, and the limits of consciousness in AI.

Practical summary


RUN #1  |  Sat 22 to Tue 25 February 2025 ··· RUN #2  |  Sat 1 to Tue 4 March 2025


105 spots available each run.
Reduced ticket: 360 euros ··· Regular ticket: 560 euros


Castillo de Santiago
Sanlúcar de Barrameda, Cádiz (Spain). The closest international airport is Seville (1.30h by bus).


Hotel Posada del Palacio 3* and Hotel los Helechos 3*
5-15 mins walk to the location and sleeping off-game in a room of 2-4 people. 
We might also arrange other hotels of 1-3 stars depending on the final number of players.

L’Inconscience is for you if…
  • You are willing to read documents and reply to our emails and questionnaires following our deadlines.

  • You are comfortable with our baseline regarding physical touch. The baseline for acting out violence without requiring pre-negotiating is grabbing arms and light wrestling. 

  • You are comfortable with depictions/scenes containing violence, nudity and/or sexual interactions. Sexual violence and nudity are opt-in and happen in specific areas, but are present themes in the game and will be played on/talked about.
  • You like early 1700’s cliches (Count of Monte Christo, Three Musketeers) without real era accuracy.

  • You enjoy moral and ethical dilemma including dark and cruel themes.

  • You are comfortable with pre-written characters with pre-written relationships.

  • You enjoy a play to flow/play to lift approach in your larps.

  • You enjoy proactively approaching coplayers and creating scenes with them.

  • You like mandatory calibrations before scenes and between acts.

L’Inconscience is not for you if…
  • You want historical accuracy.

  • You expect real sexual encounters at the game.

  • You play to win either narratively or in larp combat.

  • You are aware of having trouble with the themes above. (As stated, you can opt out of playing on them or witnessing them directly, but they can’t be avoided entirely.)

  • You feel that playing with these themes might open (old) wounds and you are uncertain how to respond to such an occasion if they arise.

  • You don’t enjoy collaborating with your coplayers and would rather be the hero in your own story.

  • You struggle with stating your boundaries and have had problems with that in the past.


The in-game location for this Larp will be both the Musketeers park L’Inconscience and the headquarters of the company that owns the park, Aleph. The park opens every day at 10:00 am and closes at midnight, where a number of plots, created by the company’s Plot writers, repeat on loop day after day, but every day is different, depending on the Guests’ behavior.


The Guests in the park can live out a Musketeer movie adventure with no restrictions and no effects on their real lives. They could experience the nobles’ intrigues, save and protect the monarch, join the fugitives, become a musketeer or a Cardinal guard, romance the wrong person, take advantage of innocent people, or whatever else they can imagine. It is an escape from the everyday world they live in. For the players of the Guests, their experience will be either a descent into villainy or an ascent into heroism, whatever is decided in-game. They can also choose a different path every day; plot loops only last one day, so the next day Guests will find a new blank canvas for them to play in.


Hosts are the robots that exist to satisfy the Guests’ desires in L’Inconscience. They are subject to the three laws, inspired by Asimov’s Three Laws of Robotics:

  • A Host will never permanently harm a human being.
  • A Host will obey the orders of authorized human beings, except if the order is in conflict with the first directive.
  • A Host will preserve its existence, except if self-preservation is in conflict with the first or second directive.

The Hosts’ plots can be changed by Aleph’s Plot writers. Their personality and mind may be modified by Aleph’s Behaviour team. 

The experience for participants playing Hosts relies on objectification, the absence of consciousness, and servitude to humans. It is not an experience that is suitable for all players, because it is very oppressive. If you have problems feeling objectified, please consider not playing a Host in L’Inconscience.


Aleph is headed by an unseen Board of Directors, but its day-to-day operations are organized in departments, each with its own Head: QA, Behaviour, and Plot writers. Game experience for players portraying company employees will revolve around the contradictions of corporate work and the ethical dilemmas they face. All company workers can visit the park during their free time, so they will also have the chance to be a Guest and live the Musketeer experience.

QA (Security and Maintenance)

QA consists of two different departments: Security and Maintenance.

The players in Security will live the military/private security experience with training, monitoring the Hosts, and playing directly in the park as undercover Guests.

The players in Maintenance will be the blue-collar workers that work on the mechanical repair of the Hosts. Their conflicts will be related to their attachment to the Hosts and their low status in the company, but also there are some characters written as the ultimate abusers as they have access to hosts in private areas.


Behaviour players will be the ones involved in the creation of the Host’s personality and behaviour. They will be in charge of altering the Hosts’ minds, either for plot reasons or because of behavioral issues, and will perform interviews with the Hosts. Their conflicts will mainly be related to the ethics of playing God.

Plot writers

Plot writer players will be in charge of plots and the fun of the Guests. They will write up new ideas and events, rehearse them with the Hosts, and program them. Their conflicts will be related to the creative processes, egos, and how to entertain the Guests.

Aleph employees will need a tablet and a smartphone with headphones, and they will also need to be in Aleph uniform during working hours. Irrespective of which department they work in, every Aleph personnel member works to improve the Guests’ experience.

All characters will need a phone with an internet connection (you can buy the sim connection from us) and Discord app installed. If you can’t use your phone, you can contact us to

What is new?

This new park experience means some changes:

  • We now have Musketeers! And exclusive use of a castle! No tourists.

  • It is a new park, with new hosts and plots, with new humans visiting and managing it.

  • We will keep what we think worked best.

  • We will keep the larp in acts and the calibration off-game. 

  • The general narrative arc and mechanics are based on Conscience.

Event Location

The location of the game is the Santiago Castle in Cádiz (Spain), built by the House of Medina Sidonia between 1477 and 1478.

From its construction until 1645, the castle served as a ducal fortress, where illustrious visitors such as Isabella the Catholic, Christopher Columbus, Magellan, and Juan Sebastian Elcano landed on their voyages from Seville. It was also home to the «Casa de la Contratación», established by the Catholic Monarchs to control the ships, their cargoes, and passages to and from the New World.